Insight Yoga Institute manager and personal assistant to Sarah

JC’s accidental first yoga class in college left a profound impact on her that she still remembers two decades later. The sense of peace, mind-body connection, liberation, and empowerment she felt after that first class fueled her lifelong dedication to promoting yoga. 

After obtaining a master’s degree from Emerson College, JC found herself in the bustling yoga scene of New York, joined YAMA Talent where she working closely with yoga teachers to enhance their international teaching arrangements and online presence. Returning to Taipei in 2014, she assumed leadership roles at prestigious yoga studios like True Yoga, Yoga Edition, and Space Yoga. She also co-founded the Kula China Yoga Festival, a testament to her passion for the practice.

Throughout her career, JC has been privileged to collaborate and learn from some of the most esteemed and experienced yoga teachers worldwide. She sees herself as a facilitator, wholeheartedly committed to empowering yoga teachers to do what they do best: teach. Her mission is to share the transformative power of yoga, assisting teachers as they spread its benefits far and wide.


Retreats manager

Narayan Aylward first worked as a Retreat Manager at the Moulin de Chaves center in SW France, where for 3 years he managed a team of 8 to 12 people in running their annual 8 month retreat program. 

He also works in events production outside of retreats, creating music festivals as part of a small collective he co-founded in 2019. Having grown up around the dharma, Narayan began his own meditation practice in 2018. He has taken various trainings, is a qualified mindfulness teacher and is particularly interested in introducing meditative practices to youth. 

Narayan joined Sarah and Ty as their retreat manager in early 2023, and enjoys combining his work with them with the more manual activity of woodwork and construction.


Insight Yoga Online Coordinator

Sarah Jane studied religion from an anthropological perspective well before discovering Wisdom teachings as a source of personal support. Now, in her classes, workshops, and coaching sessions, she weaves together yogic and Buddhist methods with psychospiritual inquiry as a means to nourish the body, heal the heart, and train the mind. She believes that freedom is possible, in moments, and even amidst difficulty, when we take life as the path. By retreating annually, paying attention to the evolving relationship of Buddhism and psychology, and working to uncover her unconscious bias, she keeps her practice and teaching fresh and responsive. Sarah Jane is also a stepmother, book editor, and musician. She offers deep gratitude to her teachers and spiritual friends.


Social media manager

Loretta studied business management and worked in communication for big companies for couple of years in different countries. She discovered yoga in 2012 in Australia when she was travelling. She’s always been into sports as a competitor swimmer and was intrigued by the yoga practice that made her discover a complete new world of self development through the yogic path. 

She continued to practice for 7 years before deciding to take it further and learn more by doing her 200hrs teacher training in Ashtanga-Vinyasa in Mysore in 2019 and started to teach in Sri Lanka. It is where she also got into surfing and discovered yin yoga to balance her practice. 

She kept on learning and practicing with different international teachers along the years while teaching on & off the mat. She loves to practice and teach all kind of dynamic body practices from accro yoga to ecstatic dance which help with trust and connection with yourself and the world around us. 

After some time, she wanted to find a way to combine her skills in communication and her passion and interest for yoga and spirituality. It is then that she started to do communication and social media management for a yoga studio and now with different teachers to improve their presence online so their work can benefit to the most people worldwide.