How To Model The Courage And Adventure Of Love
Phillip Moffitt Interviews Sarah and Ty Powers

How To Find Wisdom And A Freedom Of Heart During Times Of Transition
Ty Powers in conversation with Phillip Moffitt

How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Ty Powers interviewed by Jennifer Ciarimboli – Founder/CEO of Studio Be

On Developing Equity Through Practice
Scott Johnson from Stillpoint Yoga interviews Ty Powers


Finding Equanimity – Ty Powers

In this deeply honest conversation Scott Johnson talks to Ty Powers, co-founder of the Insight Yoga Institute. They have a moving conversation on Ty’s life of contemplative practice and his teaching of mindfulness meditation for over 25 years.

Ty shares how contemplative practice was not only a way to find oneness and a deeper connection to life, but also a way to navigate being African American in a world that sees you differently. He subsequently talks about the impact this has had on his life. As a response, Ty shares how we can all learn to see differently using the tools of mediation.

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Lit From Within – Sarah Powers

Sarah in conversation with Adam Keen, from Keen on Yoga –

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Skillful Means Podcast – A conversation with Sarah on embodying love and compassion

Throughout the sweeping conversation, Sarah helps trace the line between practicing on a mat and love and compassion as an orientation towards living life.

Notable touchpoints include:
~ why starting a practice with self-compassion sets the mood for what’s to come
~ an attitude of wonder vs imposing a strict structure on our practice
~ yoga practice as a container for meeting our full selves
~ getting comfortable with discomfort
~ the pressure to perform our best selves
~ are we practicing for ourselves or others?
~ how to be in touch with others’ pain without attempting to carry it for them
~ being with the tumult in our world without drowning in it

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Lit From Within – Sarah Powers

“This conversation with Sarah is so, so rich. I had wanted to speak to Sarah for a while, for her to expand on her beautiful view and experience on how the Buddha Dharma and yoga traditions blend together. I got so much and more. Sarah’s wonderful and insightful way of seeing these practices and then sharing them is visceral and compelling. This conversation will leave you feeling like you’ve stepped right into the middle of Sarah’s world. Full, inviting and so, so rich…”
- Scott Johnson

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Sarah Powers on Becoming Lit from Within

“It feels fitting, for the last episode of 2021, to invite my own long-time mentor, Sarah Powers onto the podcast. I first met Sarah serendipitously, while assisting her Yin/Yang Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu about twenty years ago. Since then, I’ve continued to study and mentor with Sarah– she’s been a tremendous influence on not only my teachings but also who I am as a woman. Today, we’re speaking about Sarah’s new (gorgeous) book “Lit from Within,” which just came out last month. Teeming with wisdom and practices, it’s one of those books that any serious yoga and meditation practitioner is going to want to have in her practice library. Sarah and I speak about what’s practices have been most supportive for her during the pandemic, how she begins (most) days, what she feels is the key ingredient to having a successful relationship (she’s been with her husband for four decades), and much more. I know you’ll be as inspired by Sarah and this conversation as I was. Enjoy!”
— Sara Avant Stover

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“What Did You Fail At Today?” with Ty Powers

Ty co-founded the Insight Yoga Institute, and has been leading Buddhist mindfulness meditation retreats throughout the world for 20+ years. He completed the Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leader training program in 2003 and has led daylong retreats on issues concerning cultural diversity. He is also a Certified Integral Coach and mentor to many people internationally.

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Meditations/Life Talks

For free talks and meditations from Sarah and Ty you can check out their Soundcloud channel.