Refining your skills as a teacher of Yin yoga with Buddhist contemplative methods and psychological inquiry 100 hours

This in-depth training is designed for yoga teachers who are interested in developing and deepening their experience of and the capacity to teach the contemplative aspects of a body/mind practice. Sarah will support you in expanding your knowledge of the buddha-dharma and self inquiry, and how to share these teachings in a yin or restorative yoga class. The emphasis of this training will be geared toward strengthening not only your own physical and meditation practice through inner work and group processing, but also evolving your capacity to share these ancient teachings in an intimate, skillful way. Participants will have an opportunity to practice verbalizing these buddhist themes by preparing your own dharma talks and sharing with a small group in each session. Sarah and her assistants will also offer (kind) regular feedback on your teaching for those wanting this.

This training includes 6 intensives of 4 day teachings on various buddhist themes offered both online and in person.

These include:
1. The 4 Mind Changings
2. The 4 Noble Truths
3. The 4 Applications of Mindfulness,
4. The 5 Hindrances
5. The 4 Immeasurables
6. The 6 Paramitas.

Note: You can sign up for this training once you have completed the Primary and Secondary levels and at least 2 Residential Practice Retreats with Sarah and Ty.

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